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        Jobs + Careers

        Experts sought in all professional areas.

        Find out all about jobs at CLAAS and read about our company.

        Jobs + Careers

        Experts sought in all professional areas.

        Find out all about jobs at CLAAS and read about our company.

        The Power of Diversity

        More than 11,000 people work for CLAAS worldwide. Our employees come from different backgrounds. They are of different ages, and they work in a wide range of fields. The tremendous dedication and innovative ideas of each and every one of them are what set us apart and strengthen our company – day after day. This diversity comes to life at CLAAS and makes a lasting contribution to the company’s success. Get to know a few of our colleagues here.

        International Trainee

        Bharti Teotia, Chandigarh (India)

        "Designing strategies, simplifying processes, solving problems, discovering new approaches – those are things that inspire me."

        Deputy Head of Purchasing

        Christelle Cugniere, Vélizy (France)

        "The chance to help shape CLAAS Tractor from the very start was an amazing motivator for me and offered me the opportunity to become part of a success story."

        Head of Technical Services

        Sergey Svir, Krasnodar (Russia)

        "Our goal is to make sure that our customers can drive every new CLAAS machine from the factory directly to the field, where they can put it to work right away."

        Get more insights.

        What is it like for an Indian CLAAS employee to work in Germany? How are CLAAS employees connected to our company apart from their daily working lives? Read about this and more interesting facts and stories in our personnel report:

        Personnel report 2015/2016PDF
        Personnel report 2013/2014PDF